R package tscsdep: Tools for analyzing country-year time-series-cross-sectional data with spatial and temporal dependence

Hays, Jude C., Valentina González-Rostani, Scott Cook, Robert Franzese, and Wooseok Kim. (2022). version 0.1.0. https://github.com/judechays/STADL

This package contains multiple functions that help create geographic spatial weights matrices and estimate spatial lag models. At present, it can estimate weights matrices of unbalanced data up until the year 2019. It also provides researchers with an easy to use wrapper for estimating Spatial AutoRegressive (SAR) lag models, error models (SEM), and Spatial Autocorrelation models (SAC).

Install package:

library(devtools); devtools::install_github("judechays/STADL", dependencies = TRUE)

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Hi! Here you can find some side projects of things that I have learned, and as I enjoyed learning them, I also enjoy sharing them. Most of them are for “beginners,” but it is always good to have a nice starting point. I will be updating as I systematize some of my work. I hope you find it helpful.

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Presentation skills should be developed, and it is crucial to strategize the most effective way to convey our research in advance. Below, you will find a series of recommendations formulated specifically for the final paper presentation at the MPE Summer Methods Camp. I hope you find them useful.

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